Happy WorkHorse is a full service design and 3D Printing business. We can help you during any stage in the product development lifecycle from ideation, concept refinement, feasibility studies, prototype 3D printing, engineering refinement, and product production.

We have a pedigree of producing rugged designs that stand up to the the rigors of military testing and deployment. We utilize 3D printing throughout the product development process to produce tangible results. All product design customers receive free 3D printing. We produce high quality 3D prints that are suitable as models or rugged enough to be used as final products. Many companies use us to product prototypes and then produce the final product using the same means. 3D printing allows customers to change designs as they learn from customers.

About Chris Templeman

I am a product designer who utilizes cost-effective 3D printing to solve engineering challenges.
— Chris Templeman

I have developed and deployed products in diverse environments from US Navy Aircraft Carriers to biotech laboratories and high school classrooms. A common thread running through all my work is transforming prototypes into manufactured products.

My success stems from delivering tangible solutions which exceed expectations and creating innovative solutions to complicated problems.

Engineering practical solutions matter, but relationships matter, too. My business depends on referrals from existing customers. When my customers are thrilled, so am I.


  • 2001-2005 - Performed work for the US Navy, Air Force, Army, NOAA
  • 2004 - Co-Founded Supportourribbons.com - an ecommerce site for custom printed magnetic products
  • 2006 - Founded Templeman Automation - Military grade product development for the government and commercial customers
  • 2010 - Purchased first 3D Printer to support internal product development at Templeman Automation
  • 2015 - Founded Happy WorkHorse - culmination of design, product development, custom print and entrepreneurial experience
  • 2015 - Produced 600 individual parts in support of a National Science Foundation Grant
  • 2015 - Expanded to 7 3D Printers allowing same day service for large assemblies and multiple parts
  • 2016 - Launched HappyWorkHorse Instant Quoting System (Currently in Beta)